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Welcome! Mother’s House Publishing Inc. welcomes you to the website, Godcallsyoubyname.org. Our purpose is to serve the local parish with quality, well thought out products that we believe will equip the Catechumen and Candidate to persevere in their new found Faith, transmit authentic and accurate Church teaching, encourage the Catechist and Director with fresh perspective, and inspire renewed joy in the Church.

On this first page alone, you will find ten video shorts that will provide understanding of the RCIA process, explain the terminology of RCIA, demonstrate the effect of the process on Participants and Catechists, and suggest how to integrate God Calls You By Name into your own parish.

Each text is exhibited in the Books for RCIA tab. As you examine each of our offerings, you will be able to take a peek inside each book with our sample pages and see for yourself the dynamic content of our premier text series.

USCCB links are provided for your convenience to access the USCCB website and for the Catechetical Listing for Approved Texts and Series. RCIA is the last category on the multiple page document, so scroll all the way down for RCIA!

If you would like to compare the costs of God Calls You By Name with other materials offered for RCIA, we have provided a Cost Comparison Chart and corroborating spreadsheets so that you can obtain the best value for your parish. Though none of the other materials have the gravitas of Conformity by the USCCB as God Calls You By Name has, it can be nonetheless revealing to see how our materials compare cost wise to those others. Money is always a concern! We designed our materials in such a way as to permit the same high quality of information for sessions regardless of the budget of any individual parish.

Mother's House Publishing wants to extend a hearty thank you to each person in your parish involved in RCIA for your unselfish and devoted service to the Church. Our prayers are with you as you embark on each new year of Evangelization!


With Kindest Regards,


Jacqueline Haag, publisher

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